The New Camera Club, NCC, is an Organisation with headquarters in Switzerland, to study and promote the Art of Photography. We are a Collegium for serious amateurs and for anyone interested in photography.

We all started as beginners and through activities like classes, programs, presentations, competitions, contests, field trips, discussion topics, as well as the friendships that have developed, we’ve enjoyed becoming more skilled in the art of photography.

If you are interested in photography, want to learn about photography, want to share some of your photographic experiences and knowledge, or want to participate in the International Contest of Photography, then you are in the right place. The authors will especially be able to promote their best works in the International Contest of Photography that gathers, evaluates and rewards the best photographers and their finest works from around the world. We offer you the opportunity to present your work to a broad audience.

The New Camera Club (NCC) is a member of the Swiss Association of Photography (PHOTO SUISSE); Federation Internationale de l’ Art Photographique (FIAP); and the Photographic Society of America (PSA).

To learn more about the New Camera Club and its perspective, explore our website.